About Us

We are a small registered charity consisting of a small dedicated team of people. Our primary goal is to care for and rehome stray and unwanted cats and kittens into responsible, loving forever homes.

We rely wholly on fundraising and the kindness of the general public to enable the running of the charity.


Meet The Trustees


We are all passionate about Little Paws Rescue and love working together as a team to help our cats.


Tracey Bryant

Tracey is the founder of Little Paws Rescue. With her background in cat rescue she is dedicated to the welfare and future of our cats. She never turns a cat in need away and she would never put a healthy cat down. She always puts the needs of the cat first and foremost and has developed a true understanding of feline behaviour , which ensures that Little Paws Rescue find the perfect home for each cat

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Tammy Griffiths

Tammy heads up our Facebook page to keep everyone updated on the cats available, the fundraising events and the success stories of our cats in their new homes. She is also hands on with the feeding and caring of the cats, getting to know them really well and helps to socialise them for Little Paws Rescue to make sure to find their perfect forever homes.


Derek Wilks

Derek wanted to give back to the community and is passionate about cats so he joined the team. Derek is a key fundraiser through car boot & Ebay sales, as well as attending other Little Paws Rescue events. He also helps in collecting the cats that come into our care - whatever their background - and in taking them to the Vets as necessary.