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About Us

We are a small registered charity consisting of a small dedicated team of volunteers. Our primary goal is to care for the cats we take into our care, rehome stray/unwanted cats and kittens into responsible and loving forever homes.

We really rely on fundraising and the kindness of the general public to enable the running of the charity.


Meet The Team

We are all passionate about Little Paws Rescue and love working together as a team to help our cats.


Tracey Bryant

Tracey is the director & set up Little Paws Rescue to help cats in need whatever their background. She never turns one away & runs the rescue from her own home. She works very hard to look after the cats & kittens in our care which includes attending fundraising events, vet runs, caring for the cats & kittens in our care 24/7 along with working full time. She also has the help from a dedicated team of volunteers.


Derek Wilks

Derek wanted to give back to the community and is passionate about cats so he joined the team. Derek is a key fundraiser through car boot & Ebay sales, as well as attending other Little Paws Rescue events. 


Imogen Scofield

Imogen is the youngest member of our team and does all of our social media including keeping our Facebook & Instagram updated with cats we have for adoption, what we have been up to, our sales page & emails/messages we get + also spends everyday round with the cats & kittens we have in our care looking after them. She has only been with us since April 2022 but has been a huge asset to us which we & the cats are very grateful for.

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