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Adoption updates

Thank you to those that have donated, volunteered, fostered, bought something from our sales page, came along to events we've been at or adopted a cat or kitten from us.

We rely massively on fundraising and the kindness of the general public to enable the running of the charity.


We are proud to say that all the cats and kittens below (plus many more not on here) are now in their forever home, one that is just right for them. 


George and Archie

We had George and Archie in 2018. Originally the team thought that it was Mother and Son as Archie was a small Tom cat but it turned out to be two boys aged 6 and 12. Archie arrived to us with very few teeth and was such a softy. The lack of teeth did not stop him chomping on the wildlife that he caught!! Sadly we only had Archie for 4 years before he passed away under his favourite sunning himself bush next door. George, well what can I say about George. He is now 11, still a prolific hunter and a real character. He is quite a big Tom cat not now helped by the fact he loves kitten biscuits! He loves to bring his catch (I won’t say kill as half the time he doesn’t kill them) home especially now we have Ember. The month we had her he brought her a mouse every day. George and Ember love to chase each other around the house and I am sure once she is allowed outside that he will show her all the good hunting spots! Ember is our youngest baby and finally a girl in my very male household (husband, 2 boys, George and Marley our male cocker spaniel). We got Ember this summer one of a big litter of fluffies from Wales. She is believed to be possibly part Siberian and definitely has many of their traits if you follow any on Instagram. Now she is a character! Half the time she thinks she’s a dog, the rest she is just crazy but we wouldn’t be without her and her squirrel tail! Tracey and the team all do an amazing job and I would definitely recommend to anyone to adopt from them if they can!

Jasper was adopted by one of our volunteers and here is what she has got to say about him:
He is our little 3-legged ball of love from Oman. Since joining our family in January 2022 he has brought us so much joy every day and is truly the most loving little man. He is happiest when sitting on someone’s lap, sunbathing or eating his beloved food. Thank you so much to Tracey and team for rescuing him from the streets of Oman. We love him endlessly.

Wilfred and Archie

We love Wilfred & Archie SO much. They love people, hugs, Christmas trees, my husband when he is on a zoom call (ideal time to jump on his head right?!) and climbing curtains. They have brought us so much joy and we feel utterly privileged to have been allowed to give them a loving home. Thank you Little Paws Rescue, we promise to support you forever xx


This is Jess who was adopted by one of our volunteers in October 2021, here is what she's got to say about her:
She's an old bird and can be grumpy, I bare the scars, but she's very loving when she wants to be and she's definitely living her best life with me, spoilt is an understatement!


Hello from Bruno! My 3 legged boy settled in perfectly. Such a snuggly lap cat. He’s not yet loving his sister Emmy, but they do tolerate each other which is good to see. He’s also got an instagram if you want to follow his adventures! (@emmy_and_bruno)


Nessa (was Aboo) settled in really quickly and has grown so much in confidence. She loves a cuddle on your lap and is really affectionate. Thank you for looking after her and introducing us to her. She really is the sweetest soul, asleep on me as I type this!


Hello from Carrot who we adopted a little over a month ago. He is settling in very well and is very, very vocal!

Arlo and Pepper

This is Arlo and Pepper who we adopted about 3 years ago as kittens. They are the best cats, different personalities but they look out for each other. We love them to bits!


Hello from Serafina, previously Hope. We rehomed her in March 2020 and since then she's brought a certain level of chaos and delight into our lives. We all adore her!

Maddie and Fergus

Maddie moo and Fergus (formerly Flash) say hi from their warm comfy beds.

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