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Cat food donations

Here at Little Paws Rescue, we always have a lot of cats in which means we have to feed these hungry mouths! Because of this, we go through lots of cat food every day.  We would be very grateful for cat food donations to help us keep feeding the cats in our care. Below is the food the cats love to eat. We also have an amazon wishlist you can order off which comes straight to our door.  We will happily take any food your cat doesn't eat anymore if you wish to donate it to us. Please drop it off at one of these addresses:

Car boot/sales page donations

We are always in need of items to sell for our Facebook sales page and car boots to raise funds for the rescue. If you have anything you're looking to get rid of we will happily take it. For example small gifts, toiletries, 

 Please note we don't take books, dvds or clothes unless we ask for them.

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